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Ask me a question about one of my fics or series. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will tell you the honest-to-goodness answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series).

Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I’ll answer as truthfully and as completely as possible. You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.


not there yet (Twelve/Clara; G)

The Doctor still needs to figure himself, and Clara, out.

So. These are my Maddie feels, take with that what you will.

I’m really glad that you wrote that ficlet, because it’s going to help me enjoy the rest of the arc you write. How, you ask? Well, whenever I’m reading the Han/Eli/Chris/Kari and co storyline, as much as I love it, a third of me is whispering (what about ben and maddie). I realize that they don’t have children, so they’re not as easily incorporated, but after the entire fallthrough where Maddie was so isolated, that isolation feeling just sticks with me and I can’t help but think (but what about Maddie?)

I know that friends drift apart when some have children and some don’t, but my fear of Maddie being isolated just really really affects the way I read the story. It’s not bad, but it’s present, and reading this definitely helped because it feels like it’s being addressed at least a little? Ben supporting Maddie’s conflicting thoughts (which be totally valid and what I thought she might be going through in the background while The Babies Were Being Born). But yes that’s why I liked the story and where my Maddie stan headspace is right now. I adore everyone in the story, but Maddie’s sad tendencies from before kind of tint a lot of stuff even if she’s in love and has one person she can rely on like Ben which I adore.

I’m a little ashamed to say that the idea for that ficlet didn’t occur to me until you asked for one. There’s kind of a lot involved in this arc, with Maddie’s abortion, Tony dying, Han and Kari having babies, and more that’s still to come, and sometimes I do get a little more focused on one aspect than another.

I know how it feels to drift away from someone after they get married and have babies, and sadly, that is happening a little bit to Ben and Maddie, because their friends’ lives are changing, their priorities are changing, and it’s not as easy to do things with their friends that don’t involve their kids. But Han and Eli obviously still love and care for Maddie and Ben very much, and you’ll get to see that in some of the upcoming stuff, and there is a lot more Ben/Maddie stuff coming up too.

bellamarion SENT: Han/Kari - could you see them dating in any au verse? :P

Probably XD They’re both very smart, very dedicated to their careers, and very loyal and loving in general, plus they’re fairly evenly matched in temperament. I mean, they became friends pretty quickly, so in another ‘verse, there’s no reason to think that friendship couldn’t become more.

bellamarion SENT: If Han/Mad met at different times, how would it affect their relationship? Post high school? Post college? Post kidnapping? Post Ben?

Gosh. I don’t think that would’ve gone well for Maddie. Han is the person who basically kept Maddie going through the rough times. Without Han in high school, I don’t think Maddie would’ve felt free enough to explore her sexuality. Without Han in college, Maddie probably wouldn’t have chosen to follow her dream, and would’ve majored in something “practical”, based on whatever her mother thought. Without knowing Eli through Hannah, she probably wouldn’t have had a chance to meet Ben UNTIL she and Han met.

I think the more you delay Han and Maddie meeting, the more unhappy and dissatisfied with life Maddie would’ve been. I do think they would eventually become as close as they are in canon, but I also think Maddie wouldn’t have been able to cling to the small shred of optimism she had that Hannah helped grow inside of her, and therefore she would be a little less… unique, and a little less happy.

bellamarion SENT: Han/Maddie living together headcanon.

I’ve always imagined Han and Maddie living together as a tricky situation. They obviously love each other very much, but they’re also both very particular about their space, and in different ways. Hannah is very much about “a place for everything, and everything in its place”, while Maddie tends to be a bit more… disorganized, at least to outward appearances. I think Maddie’s clutter would drive Han crazy, and Han’s insistence that everything needed to be neat and orderly would drive Maddie crazy.

As a couple, I think they’d eventually be able to work past this, but this is why they never lived together as friends, because they knew they were too different, and didn’t want this to affect their friendship.

(Of course, there would be positive things too, they’d love to cook together, they’d watch TV together, they’d sleep in and snuggle in the mornings, probably borrow each other’s clothes XD)

bellamarion SENT: Girls hitting on Hannah headcanon.

Hah. I don’t know if it’s something that happened that often, probably only if she was out with Maddie. I think she might not realize at first that they were hitting on her, but once she did, she’d sort of just politely imply/say she’s not interested. I think it would’ve had to be a very special girl for Hannah to be interested in dating her.

bellamarion SENT: What inspired the Hannah Cole character? :3

tbh, it was Dianna. Like, I wanted to make a character who was a lot like Dianna, so when I envisioned her, she was just really sweet, really kind, really friendly and open, just really wholesome, and a really good person. I mean, even in her name, I wanted to give her a name that really reflected her personality, and Hannah is one of those names for me that I associate with girls like that.

bellamarion SENT: More aefae baby headcanon- only them as babies. Baby Hannah baby Eli baby Maddie baby Ben baby Chris baby Kari THEM AS BABIES PLS

Oh man.

Hannah: A very happy baby, but also a very particular baby - if you did something in a certain way, then she’d get fussy if you tried to do it another way (like Karen would breastfeed sitting in the rocking chair next to the window in Hannah’s room, and when David started being able to feed her, she’d get fussy if he did it anywhere other than that chair by the window). David’s chest was her favorite place to sleep, though, and more often than not, Karen would come into the living room on weekend afternoons to find David on the couch with Hannah on his chest, both of them sound asleep. As she got a little older, her particular attitude persisted, though more to Karen’s detriment than David’s, because Hannah only wanted to do things the way Daddy did them, which led to a fair number of tantrums during the day, given that David was the one working and Karen was the one at home with Hannah. But, of course, Hannah was also the sweetest little girl, and wasn’t prone to more tantrums than any other average kid.

Eli: Undoubtedly a spoiled baby, since he was Adam and Miriam’s miracle baby, and a happy baby. Loved being on Adam’s shoulder; Miri always thought it was because Adam was so tall, so Eli could see more of the world from up there. His nursery was the room right next to Adam and Miri’s, so they could get to him quicker if he started to cry, though by middle school, they moved his bedroom down the hall to give both themselves and him more privacy. By the time he was 3, Eli started showing an interest in baseball, and when he was 4, Miri enrolled him in teeball, and the rest is, as they say, history XD Though he was a little spoiled growing up, Adam and Miri tried to make sure to keep it confined to his birthday and Christmas, and tried to get across that he wasn’t owed anything simply for existing, that his upbringing didn’t make him any better than anybody else. This led to Eli occasionally giving his toys away, like an action figure or a toy car to a friend in preschool (though he never gave away his favorites, of course). He was also a very empathetic and sensitive child, and would get upset if anybody else was upset; he didn’t like for people to be unhappy. Luckily, this was not a behavior quashed by Adam, who never thought less of his son because he was sensitive and cared for other people’s feelings.

Chris: Definitely a mama’s boy, probably to his father’s annoyance (maybe part of the reason he left). A curious baby, loved seeing and touching and exploring the world. Spent so much time with Angela as a baby that he had severe separation anxiety when he started going to preschool, but eventually he got used to being apart from her. He was a very friendly baby, one of those types that always waved or said hi to everybody. Very energetic, loved playing outside, and being outside and doing something with sports was usually the only time his father would play with him, so Chris slowly became more of an outside child, rather than an indoor one.

Kari: Another miracle baby. A quiet baby, more of an observer than anything, but when it came to learning anything mechanical (like walking), she was definitely hands on, and trial and error. 10 years younger than her sister, but looked up to Asha very much from a very young age. Loved loved loved being outside, even when it was raining, Indira or Navin would have to go out and physically bring her back inside. She wasn’t really a spoiled child in the sense that Eli was, in that she didn’t get anything extra for her birthday or Christmas, but was definitely spoiled in the affection department; Indira and Navin never wanted their girls to feel like they weren’t loved.

Maddie: A daddy’s girl, just like Hannah. Very spoiled, and unfortunately, very bratty because of it; the more money Thomas made, the more he wanted to spend it on his little girl, so he was always buying her presents and stuff. Born in California, so she loved the beach, and Thomas and Caroline would take her frequently, letting her play in the water and the sand, helping her build sandcastles, which were always remarkably creative for a 3-year-old, and which made Thomas think he passed on his creative talent to her.

Ben: A nanny baby, sadly, and formula fed, so he never got to bond with his mother quite like the others did. Grew very attached to his nanny, who was the one to hear his first words, and see his first steps. He was born in New Canaan, like Eli, but they didn’t meet until they were 4, and that was the first time Ben kind of started to realize that what he had with his parents maybe wasn’t the best kind of relationship, when he saw how loving Adam and Miri were with Eli. He tried to seek the same affection from his parents, but was rebuked (not harshly, they just didn’t know how to behave that way with their child, so it never went very well when Ben tried to get them to do it). Started teeball with Eli, but unlike Eli, it didn’t particularly interest him, and he didn’t continue on with it. Despite his relationship with his parents (and perhaps because of it), Ben was still a friendly child, and would gladly and readily seek out any opportunity to make new friends. Also rather quickly became attached to Adam and Miriam, who, after realizing Ben’s parents weren’t exactly the greatest at the whole parenting gig, made sure to show Ben the love and affection he didn’t get at home.

bellamarion SENT: Favorite aefae crossover verse?

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about one? I have tons of AUs, but I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of a crossover.

The closest I’ve gotten is amusing myself imagining Hannah babysitting the kid versions of the main characters from my first original ‘verse, as they would all be children during AEFAE time.